Access structured data of your open organisation

Switchboard is the ultimate developer tool to analyze, integrate and automate data streams and processes across an organization

For Data engineers

Quickly navigate through the complete organisation real-time data to make informed decisions.

For software engineers

A robust foundation of well-structured, easily consumable data that integrates seamlessly into your applications

For integration engineers

A haven for synchronization and automation, turning complex system integrations into streamlined, efficient processes

Bend data to your will

Get instant access to all the data you’ve collected in Fusion, Connect, Renown, and Academy in machine readable form. Trigger any downstream applications, dashboards or widgets with automated actions. Leverage Switchboard to convert human actions into streamlined, code-driven procedures

Interact at input & output level

Through our GraphQL Developers get the ideal specification format to quickly turn the business logic into production-grade code.

Access multi-layered data

Dive into the historical data of your documents and processes. Access databases of operational data or create business insights from analytic data accross time.

Automate your processes

Build new integrations with ecosystem apps, or automate processes with scripting, plug-ins, IFTT’s and AI bots. Reduce manual labor by automating routine and complex tasks to enhancing efficiency and productivity.

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