Proof of work
for the future of work

Renown is a customizable reputation system that consolidates data from Powerhouse’s suite of apps as well as existing Web3 reputation systems and other Web 2 social networks

& Access Control

Monitor the authenticity and credibility of your contributors.
Increase agency, trust and reliability.

Who changed what & when?

Keep track of who changed what, at which point. Revert changes or merge branches of parallel workstreams.

Build reputation through contribution

Contribution tracking across the Powerhouse native apps bootstraps pseudonymous reputation.

An integrated solution

Renown handles access control for all of your organizations’ most important files. This edit history can be read by Renown to create user profiles of experienced service providers and what projects they’ve contributed to.

Leverage your reputation

Set up an automated overview of the entire organisation in a single place. Track an organisation’s contributors, roadmaps, finances & audits. Provide feedback or follow up on next steps. The entryway to transparent insights for investors and communities

Granular access control & Authentication

Set up access gating, authentication and authorization for specific documents and drives. Establish hierarchy, stage gates or checks and balances where necessary.

Keep track of historic changes

Work on documents in collaboration. Make branches of different version and merge them once complete. Review history and verifiable changes across documents as each operation gets signed with a decentralised identifier.

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