Scale your network organization
with software

Navigate your organization’s toughest operational challenges and steer your contributors to success with Connect

Remote work, solved

Build a organization that can tap into the global talent market and manage projects and processes with Powerhouse’s distributed work toolkit.

Run on structured processes

A way to put culture, best practices and organizational knowledge into the hands of every contributor, through software.

Own your organisations data

Connect offers a self contained data solution. Store your data offline or share it P2P in complete privacy.

A network organization’s headquarters

Connect is a hub for your most important documents and processes, translated into software. Easily capture data in a structured way dedicated business process packages. Collaborate on shared documents with ease while using your own preferred storage solution (decentralized, centralized or local).

A private space in a public organisation

Collaborate in private or in public. In Connect, verified contributors and teams can manage internal documents with full control over the data ownership. Each modification can be verified with the contributor signature.

Synchronise your operations across 
the world

Send and receive messages and documents between contributors, using end-to-end encryption and cryptographically signed with a pseudonymous identity. Branch different versions of a document and synchronize them again later. Store your data offline, on decentralised databases or share it P2P.

Business process packages for decentralised networks

Business process packages in Connect help you capture critical business logic and enable efficient process automation.
Anyone can build a custom module using the Powerhouse Generator or start from our library. These templates help you avoid decision making bottlenecks while making sure valuable insights don’t get lost.

Borrow best practices from successful organizations

Powerhouse’s library of open-source packages features commonly used business processes, such as budgeting, HR or grants management programs. These can be pieced together to create new packages that are tailored to your organisation. They help move management from “Don’t mess up” to “Can’t mess up”.

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