Powerhouse Products

The most comprehensive toolkit for open organizations, built for maximum efficiency and collaboration.


Decentralized operations toolkit for open organizations

Public collaboration platform

  • Decentralized operations platform with the organization’s contributor teams, roadmaps, finances, and auditing functions all in one place.
  • Accessible to anyone from inside and outside the organization, on desktop computers and mobile devices.

Private contributor tool

  • Private tool for contributors and teams to manage internal documents with full control over the data ownership. Available as stand-alone desktop application or in the cloud.
  • Send and receive messages and documents between contributors, end-to-end encrypted and cryptographically signed with a pseudonymous identity.
  • Automate best-practice workflows with integrations, scripting, and AI assistants.

    Decentralized identity
    + reputation hub

    • Create a pseudonymous contributor identity, tethered to your Ethereum address. Build up reputation points in various professional fields by successfully delivering projects.
    • Share your pseudonymous profile as a resume with organizations you want to work for.
    • Define gamification rewards to incentivize value-aligned behavior within the organization, reducing the need for a management hierarchy.

    Open data API

    • Extend the Powerhouse data with the data from other platforms your organization is using.
    • Create business intelligence insights, build new integrations with ecosystem apps, or automate processes with scripting and AI bots.
    • Expose the organization’s operational data for AI-assisted governance.
    • Get access to all the data from Fusion, Renown, and Academy in one place.

    On-boarding and education platform

    • Learn how to work and be compensated as an individual contributor, or how to run a contributor team.
    • Bootstrap the reputation of your pseudonymous identity by becoming certified for the relevant skills in your professional area.
    • Learn everything about contributing to open and decentralized organizations.

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